Thursday, November 29, 2012

SPD Christmas Style!

I know I know.
It's been a while.
I'm trying to find the motivation in this crazy world of mine.
But I tend to slack.... a lot lol.
Anyways I figured a good way to keep myself in check was to link up every week
with two of my favorite blogs for
Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

Anyone who knows me knows I am a Pinterest addict.
Now I finally have a place to show off all the stuff I get from there!

This year is the first Christmas married for Josh and I.
So I wanted to make it special.
I made a lot of our decorations myself.
I just felt like it would mean more to us both if they were hand made.

So here goes :)

-  Large Foam Boards
You can cut them into any shape you want. I wanted all of mine the same size.
(The packs come in two - I bought two packs because I wanted 3 boards)
- 1 yard of fabric per large board. If you cut one of the boards in half you will only need two yards. I bought 3 yards. 
- Glue or tape.
- Ribbon
- Thumb tacks.

(I had my fabric pre cut into yards for me from the fabris department to make it easier)
Then just lay out your fabric (bottom side up)
and lay a foam board over it like so

Then just start folding the fabric over the board and secure!
I used tape to keep the mess to a minimum.
The original tutorial says to hot glue the edges.
Either works fine :)
Just make sure you pull the fabric tight!

The finished board should look like this

Once you have your board finished add the ribbon!

I just thumbtacked them to the back.
The original pin says to hot glue them.
But I'm impatient and don't like messes so this was just better for me.
*make sure the ribbons are the same size and you have them secured in the same place otherwise you're going to have your boards hanging at different lengths... unless that's what you want :)

Last but not least.... HANG!!

Now go check out everyone else's tutorials!
I know I am :)