Friday, January 6, 2012

W O W !!

It has been far too long since my last blog post!
Sorry about that!
I was at a different branch than my "home branch"
And I wasn't really "aloud" to be on my blog.
But I'm finally home and ready to get back in the groove of things!
I've spent all morning catching up on my reading of some of my favorites :)

And now I can do some updating!

Christmas was fabulous!
Mr. Wonderful came down and spent the whole weekend with me!
Alex was off in Hilton Head with her family for the holidays.
And his family doesn't do anything until the night of Christmas day.
So we spent a lot of time together :)
He's still pretty amazing I must say!
I spent Christmas eve (night) with My daddy's family.
It was a fun time to say the least!
Then Christmas Day sadly Mr. Wonderful had to head back home and I was off for a fun filled day of family festivities. It was so nice to spend time with everyone and catch up on their lives.
Here are a few pictures from Christmas :)
This was me being a goober the Friday before Christmas at work :)

This is my cousin's baby Matthew.
He has my heart <3

Being silly at home with the roomie and her mom opening gifts :)

This is my little brother and myself :)
He came and picked me up in his new car Santa brought him!

Then came the amazing New Year's celebrations!
I decided to spend New Year's in Lexington with the honey.
I went down Friday and we went out to a nice dinner.
Then Saturday we went to Lexington Guns and shot his pistol...
It. Was. Amazing.
I've never shot a gun before and he wanted to go shoot because he's about to go off to Missouri for Army 
duty next week so he wanted to get some shooting in before he left.
Here was our little man...

here's my first shot

By the way... meet
Mr. Wonderful :)
He's looking all serious on the way to the range haha!

Then later than night we had a quiet night with wine :)
Here's the excitement of our New Year's Eve

 Then when I got home I decided to have a lovely ladies night with some of my favorite girls...
Meet katie (left) and the roomie alex (right)

 One change I decided to do to kick off my 2012 right was my hair!
got lots of layers put in it.....
and black "peek-a-boos" put in the front of my hair!
I'm in love with them!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Share Your World... Again :)

I have a fabulous blogger update in store for yall
But for some reason my lovely computer at work won't work with me uploading photos.
So it must wait until I get home.
Until then... Here is a Share Your World... finally!

1} I used to be the girl that/who__________but I'm not that girl anymore because___________________.

I used to be the girl that let other people affect my happiness but I'm not that lover anymore because I realized I'm the only person who can make me happy.

2} Describe yourself in three words.
Optimistic. Trustworthy. Fierce.


3} I struggle with...
Volume. I tend to be somewhat loud when I get excited haha!

4} If I closed my eyes right now ______________.
I'd be dreaming of somewhere tropical and warm!
I'm a bird who likes to fly south for the winter :)
5} I wish I could live without __________
but it just isn't happening.
Internet on my phone.
^^I'm with Jessica on that one!^^