Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday's Letters

This is a fun little link up I've always loved reading but never participated in. Well today, I'm going to give it a shot!

Dear hair, why is it that you cannot cooperate? I just want you to be blonde and gloriously curled all of the time! Is that too much to ask? Dear Josh, thank you for putting up with me and all of my insanity, and loving me anyways. I know I get overly stressed all of the time. But you always know how to put a smile on my face and remind me it will all be okay :) Dear Friday, please don't be too long. I have a date with Saturday! Dear casting director of Magic Mike, thank you! Dear Mortgage Originators (you know who you are), your customer service SUCKS. Just sayin. Dear work, I'm here until five and it's only 10:57... let's get on with it shall we? Dear Maybelline, I love you and all of your wonderfulness on my face. Dear Mary Kay, thank you for keeping my face from looking like a galaxy! Dear wedding plans, you suck. Can you just make yourself and get yourself done? Why must I be the stressed one? Dear Diet Coke, I know your artificial sugars and no bueno, but you just taste so good! Dear God, thank you for giving me another day so that I can enjoy life a little more :)

link up here.

Happy Friday :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I have worked in customer service for the last four years of my life.
I OBVIOUSLY know good vs bad service.

And let me just tell you,
the lady at the bank I am attempting to work with on our mortgage....
no bueno.

I don't like to talk negatively about people or places of business but this is getting ridiculous!

Friday night she sent me an email saying that we could not get a mortgage with her bank
due to outstanding debts on Josh's credit.
She then sent me in detail all of the debts he had.

So she sent me the link to the credit bureaus that banks use to pull credit.
We ran his social through all three of the bureaus and none of them showed what she was saying.

I have since emailed her three times informing her of the situation.
She sent me one, ONE, email back saying which one she used
and then asked if I used the link she sent me.

I emailed her THREE times telling her we used the link she sent us,
ran all three credit reports,
and none of them showed what she had pulled up!

You see, I worked at a bank.
I am friends with the loan originator at my old bank.
And so I messaged her over the phone informing her of our situation.
And she said the only explination was that this woman was running the wrong ssn.

So trying to get things straightened out,
(you can imagine the gut wrenching feeling Josh and I have had all weekend trying to figure out what the HECK was going on- because if this stuff really is on his credit we have to report it to get it figured out!)
I then informed the woman that I think she may have run the ssn incorrectly.
So I sent her his correct ssn and asked if I could call her to get this handled more quickly and efficiently.

Two days later, still no reply.

And you can't have the decensy to help me figure out what is going on?

come on people.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Wedding Bliss

Let me introduce you to my wedding in pictures via Pinterest....

First and foremost Josh and I have kept God as the center of our relationship
And we plan to have him as the center of our marriage.
We want to make that very clear to others.
"We love because he first loved us"
That's why we will be getting married in our church, the one where we met.
And also why both of the things above will be happening in our wedding!

In case you were wondering...
Our colors are Navy/Ivory/Fuschia/Silver.
I WILL be trying to replicate the above picture!

One of my Bridesmaids actually has a dress almost exactly like this!

And since I'm marrying a country boy ....
It's going to have a rustic twist to it :)
Kinda like this....

My groom will be wearing a black cowboy hat, black cowboy boots,
wrangler black dress slacks, a western shirt, a western vest,
and a bolo tie.
oh yes.
Gotta love him <3

Anyways, to keep the rustic/country theme going still...

We are doing mason jars instead of just cups.
And I love the idea of chalkboard paint so the guests can write their names!
Also, I'm pretty sure these will be the favors so the guests can take theirs home!

I am going to attempt to make these to decorate the alter somewhat.

Hoping to have this for our unity candle.

and you gotta have a little burlap right?!?!

Love these :)

And since my dress is a little more formal but can go along with a vintage feel...
I am getting these :)

I am in search for where I can get this done!

And this is going on the groom's cake :)

We are going to have pink punk, sweet tea, and lemonade
all (hopefully) served in huge "mason jar" dispensors like the one above!

and now for the shoes...

Yep! My sweet future hubby bought me these!

Now, you've gotten a glimpse into my wedding!
Hope you liked it as much as I do!
I can't wait until it all comes together and I can show you the actual pictures later!
and until then....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Let me just tell you,

in T minus 2 days..... TWO DAYS.... I will be beach bound


oh yes :)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Instagramming my life away... a REintroduction

Since I have been on the suckfest of all suckfests of no blogging,
I figured I would introduce you all to my life as of late :)

I am a small town southern woman.
And I wouldn't have it any other way :)

Did I mention,
I love my southern ways?

This man has stolen my heart.
So on August 25th, I'm stealing his last name...

^^ total hottie right :) ^^

This is my booger butt and I love him with my life.
Meet Colton
(no he isn't mine or josh's but he's my booger butt just the same!)

Oh and have I mentioned lately I am planning a GORG wedding?
Let me just show you some sneaks :)

And if, by reading, you haven't gotten any kid of sense
what my personality is like...
Let me go ahead and for warn you...

Still intrested?
Okay good :)

This is a sweet life of mine!
And I can't wait to share it with you all!
Stay tuned.....

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Get To Know Me A - Z

A. Age – 22
B. Bed size –Queen.
C. Chore that you hate – Laundry. I hate folding!
D. Dogs – I LOVE German Shepherds!
       E. Essential start to your day – Diet Coke.

F. Favorite color –purple!

G. Gold or silver – Silver unless it's white gold
H. Height – 5'3
I. Instruments you play – 0 and that's probably good for everyones ears.

J. Job title – Cashier in Residential Services
K. Kids – Not any time soon.  I love other peoples kids, though!
L. Live –South Carolina :)
M. Mother’s name – Merri <3
N. Nicknames –Kris, Kay, Kay Kay, and whatever Josh calls me haha!
O. Overnight hospital stays – Never thank the good Lord!

P. Pet peeves – When someone is on their phone during quality time.
Q. Quote from a movie – "Nobody puts baby in a corner!" :)

R. Right or left handed –Right

S. Siblings – dos
         T. Time it takes you to get ready – anywhere from 40 minutes to an hour depending on what I have to do
U. Underwear – Victoria's all the way

V. Vegetable you hate – Brussel sprouts, collards, and okra. Y U C K

W. What makes you run late – Figuring out what to wear and having to dry my hair.
X. X-rays you’ve had – However many they did when I broke my arm. And then the 14 chest xrays they did when I wrecked my car 6 years ago
Y. Yummy food you make – This is hard to narrow down...
My sloppy joes are his favorite. But I usually make some pretty tasty food if I must say so myself!
        Z. Zoo animal – Penguins or tigers.

Life Has Changed

I am a bad person.
I know this.
I haven't posted in almost SEVEN months!
much has changed!
I've kept up with all of my favorites
but I've continued to make excuses for why I couldn't post any new blog updates.
Until now.

Since the start of the year I ended things with "Mr. (not so) Wonderful"
He turned out to be a complete jerk.
Not sure what changed except his attitude.

The sunday before Valentine's Day,
God laid it on my heart that I needed him and I needed to get back into church.
So I did.
Right before church let out, I looked to my left and laid eyes on the most beautiful man I had ever seen.
Everything in me was saying "you don't need this right now" but my heart told me "get your butt over there!"
And I'm sure glad I did :)
Since that lovely day we have been inseperable!
He is truly the one God put on this planet for me!

It has been a whirlwind romance to say the least!
On April 29th he got down on one knee and proposed!
Now I know most people think "shot gun wedding!"
But it's not like that at all.
We just felt like it was what God was calling us to do!
So we listened :)

We are now getting married on August 25th and I could not be more excited!
We wanted to wait until next year but we weren't sure when his sister would be in town from Texas
so we decided to go ahead and get married in August when she is going to be here.

Wedding planning is well under way and I have gotten a lot done!
Pictures soon to follow I promise!

Also in these last few months I have made a HUGE career change.
I went from working at the bank to working for the local phone/cable company.
It was a huge blessing to say the least!
I got a very nice pay raise and now I have the opportunity to go back to school!

I love my new job and my new coworkers and I know I'm here for the long haul.
But I do miss my bank  people!

Anyways, as far as my living situation goes,
I had to rid myself of the roommate.
I'm not going to bad mouth anyone here so we will just say it wasn't working out and it's for the best that she is gone.

That lovely man I mentioned earlier?
His name is Josh :)
Well Josh and I are in the works of (hopefully) purchasing our first home!
We have found our dream house with a decent amount of land in a great location.
And the best part?
It's perfectly in our price range!
Now all we need is to make sure the bank will give us the loan for what we need,
and hopefully the owners of the home will negotiate with us on the price so we will have enough to buy appliances!
Please, please, please pray for us!
We desperately need it!

Okay, I really do promise this time to get back to posting regularly.
I will have wedding updates and home buying updates!
And everything in between!

So be prepared!
This Beautiful Life is about to get even more Crazy :)