Thursday, November 17, 2011

Make my day :)

Let me just start by saying, children, at my point in life right now, is almost like a cuss word.

For me, I'm no where NEAR having kids right now. And I don't think I will be for a while.

But other people's children M.E.L.T my heart :)

They are so freaking adorable!!

My friend Cassie has this beautiful little boy T.D. He's two and such a cutie :)

She dresses him like a little man! And he has this adorable little comb over hair style.

And his smile... don't even get me started. I could just kiss that little boy all day!

And he LOVES kisses! He always wants me to hold him and then he grabs my face and plants a big one right one the lips and then pulls back and giggles forever. And then he does it again and again. It's the cutest thing!

And she had this baby girl about 2 months ago. She is so tiny! But absolutely beautiful! And she isn't a fussy baby at all. I love when I get to hold her she just lays there and looks around or sleeps. CUTIE!

Her big brother T.D. loves holding her and kissing her. The two of them together are just the sweetest thing!

Then there are the cutie pie little cousins I have! They're all 7 and under (except us older kids)
And they are too freaking cute! They all love us older cousins and always run and jump into our arms while yelling our names in excitement whenever we come over or have family get togethers :)

Then there are the kids in my Children's Church class at church. I opted out of doing it this year but I still love seeing them and getting hugs from them whenever they come into the service for their Children's choir. I had the 3 & 4 year olds. LOVE EM!!

And let's not forget all the absolutely adorable little kids that come to my work! I work at a bank and if anyone remembers being a little kid and going through the drive thru lane at the bank was getting suckers. So I always make sure I give those little cuties suckers. And I absolutely love when they lean up or roll the window down and wave and yell "THANK YOU!!" It makes my day :)

I love children. But right now it's more of I love other people's children. They're great when they're being cute and sweet and loving. But when they scream, potty, make messes, or throw up... you can give them back :)

Maybe one day I'll have kids. Until that day I'm just going to spoil the heck out of everyone else's!