Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What I'm Loving Wednesday.... Pinterest Edition :)

Now, these might be in a random order due to the fact that my computer at work
will NOT cooperate with me and download the pictures
the way I want them.
So bare with me please ladies :)

Here is "What I'm Loving"

Cookie Dough Bites!
No raw eggs. No baking.
And they are DELISH!
I made them last night and they were absolutely
what I needed for my sweet tooth!

Tried this hairstyle at work today.
My hair is the same length as hers right now and I am in desperate need to find
some different ways to fix it until it grows out.
I got SO many compliments on it!
And it's super easy :)
Love her hair tutorials!

Wish I knew how to curl my hair like this!

I made them the other night.
Huge hit at my house :)
Only difference is I put enchillada sauce in the enchillada and on top once they were done!

Colors I'm using in my room :)

Definitely want one of these.... one day

love love love

I wish I knew how to make this!

I'm already saving corks to make this!

I will be making these for the kitchen this holiday season

love :)

This is the color and bang cut I got recently :)

Um did I mention I am
with burlap!
I will def. be making one of these :)

again with the burlap love <3

Too cute :)

Love <3

I love this idea
just not so much the colors

I want one of these for my house one day!

I am ridiculously obsessed with this!

and this


Amanda said...

I actually plan on getting that bang cut on me tomorrow! I have a Hilary Duff pic printed out and everything :)

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