Tuesday, December 4, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas ....

So I figured since I slacked off and didnt show you guys my thanksgiving holiday I would do it now!
The hubs had to work during the day.
But we spent that Friday together with family and friends and enjoying each other.
I didn't take any pictures of it just because I wanted to dedicate my time to the people around me.
But i did get some good ones in on Black Friday and EPIC college football gameday that Saturday!
But I did manage to get pictures of myself on

*Lizzie attempting to photobomb

and Friday

Friday morning we woke up BRIGHT AND EALY at ....
3 a.m. yep you read that right. THREE people.
We headed out to Home Depot to get our Martha Stewart tree.
We were fifth in line :)

** little side story: the guy behind us in like passed out!
They had to call an ambulance and everything!
Turns out he was okay just exhausted. He had been going all night.
Lesson to learn here? Nothing is worth hurting yourself over. **

Then we got home WAY to excited to go back to sleep so what did we do?
I made hot chocolate and we Josh put the tree up of course!

*Lizzie photobombing again

And here is the finished project!
 And more of our decorations
The tree skirt I made!
*please excuse the dirty house.
But this is our coffee table!
Our stockings :)
Lizzie's says Naughty of course.
These lovely little things I made!
Just a little something I found at HobLob
I baked cinnamon ornaments while Josh hung up the lights and garland outside
(pics to come later)

That night we went to eat dinner with his family and had a BLAST

Then on Saturday it was

I swear the Clemson vs. Carolina is bigger than the superbowl here in the south.

Sadly my Tigers couldnt pull through and Carolina maintained their winning streak of four years in a row now.
Which is big news for them.
But I can be the bigger person and say that Carolina did play a better game.
Tahj Boyd was not in his "zone" and he has definitely seen better days.
But there is always next year boys!

Needless to say though,
You've got to love  your friends who are rivalry fans... they just love to rub it in your face :) haha
All in good fun

(from the local newspaper)

Anyways, hope everyone is having a fab Tuesday!

(I'll post a "whats been happening lately" post tomorrow)