Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Operation "Get Fit" commences

Anyone who follows along on my Twitter or Instagram
know that I am attempting to "Get Fit".

My best friend is a personal trainer.
She said some words that hit a little close to home for me.
"It's harder for women to get pregnant when they are over weight"

um... scuse me?
I definitely don't want to get to this point and I DEFINITELY
don't want to make things harder on myself when it comes time for Josh and I to start trying for a baby.

So what am I doing?
Working out and eating better, duh.

I've been going to the gym every other day
(stairmaster = friend)
Cardio + weights = lean muscle.
I know a lot of women are scared of weights because they don't want to bulk up.
But weights are our friends!
Low weight/high rep can help build lean muscle which helps burn fat throughout the day when we aren't working out :)

I've been looking through Pinterest to find some examples of what my goal is
and I figured I would share it with you all!

her legs... I die.

that back... yes please!

^^^ this butt .... I would kill for

And the quotes that run through my head when my brain tells me to quit.
My heart tells me to push through it.
Sore today = Strong tomorrow

As far as eating healthy
I'm practicing portion control.
I cut out fast food and cut wayyyyyyyyyy back on fried foods at home.
I use whole grain instead of white.
I have organic fat free milk
and my cheese is 2%.
I use leaner meats like turkey and deer meat.
I eat a lot of grilled/baked chicken.
egg whites are a must.
And I make sure I get things that are "no sugar added" and organic as much as possible.
Lower sodium and I don't use salt at all.
I cut out my sweets completely.
And the killer... no soda.
I drink water water water.
Also if I have to I have coffee with no sugar and fat free creamer.

I can already feel my body changing.
And I feel a lot better since I'm not eating all of that waste.

I hope this helps some of you :)
You don't have to kill yourself to look good.
Just make a few changes and see the results :)

You'll feel better if you do I promise!

Ps. Strong is the new skinny