Thursday, December 20, 2012

SPD Christmas presents :)

So this year I decided I wanted to make all of my gifts for my family.

So I scowered pinterest forever until I found the perfect ideas :)

For my MIL she always wants candles.
Well instead of going to buy her a generic candle from the store I headed on over to Hobby Lobby
and found just what I needed to make her one!

Original Pin:

Here is what you will need:
Epsom salt
jingle bells
tea light candles (in the glass jar)
mason jars

Fill the jars about half way with epsom salt.
Then just sit the candles inside :)
(when lit they reflect off of the salt making it look like snow!)

Then just tie the ribbon around the jar to make it look like a bow.
Then I tied ribbon to the bells then tied to ribbon to the bow and voila!

Finished Product:

Today you're going to get a two-for-one tutorial!

For my grandmother and aunt I wanted to do a little something.
Just kind of like a thought gift.
Since they both love ornaments so much I made them one :)
(These ornaments worked especially well since my grandmother has a "santa tree" decorated in all things santa!)

What you will need:
Red card stock cut into small strips.
*I didn't measure mine just kind of cut whatever i thought looked right
painter's tape
puffy paint in black and white
clear ornaments (I used plastic, but you can use glass)

Take the top off of the ornaments
Roll the strips of card stock around a pencil as tight as you can
then just put them into the ornament.
leave them rolled up though!
Then mark off your "belt" with painter's tape.

Paint the black "belt" with the puffy paint.
*make sure to follow the instructions on the bottle.
Then remove the painter's tape.

Then just free hand paint on the "belt buckle"
and let dry!

Then just put the tops back on!
You can add ribbon or ornament hooks to hang :)
I used some red ribbon.

And there ya go! Now go link up with Stephanie and Katie and check out all of the other cool DIY projects!


Rachel @ front row seat said...

I love both of those ideas! Super cute!