Thursday, July 28, 2011

Means the world to me :)

"Hey Kristen,
I just got through reading what I guess is your blog? I'm so out of touch with the world (haha). I just wanted to tell you that I'm praying for you, and that I am SUPER proud of you. I know that must seem weird coming from someone you barely know, but... I am very very very similar to you. You and I seem to have the same personality type, and I too had trouble submitting to God. I just wanted to encourage you, I finally have submitted...not that I don't struggle with issues still..but for the most part- I just gave up. I'm sure we have different reasons for being so stubborn, I'd be happy to share if you ever wanted to hear. Gee, I've got A.D.D. I can tell that God is working big things through you, and you have certainly taken the path less traveled. IM SO proud that you have decided to trust the Lord instead of "the world"...cant think of the verse right now, but Ill send it to you when I find it. It took a long, hard, destructive road for me to be at the place you are now. I think its great you are here (not that you haven't struggled). Take advantage of this time...God will show you great things, and I promise you will learn so much, and the best part...He will give you such a peace. I know that this is unorganized and scatterbrained, I just haaaaad to write something to you! Call me if you need anything..a prayer, encouragement, someone to talk to...I'll be here!"

Thanks SM it really means a lot! And we will definitely talk one day about our struggles. It makes it a lot easier to know there are others out there going through or who have been through what I'm going through right now!