Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Name Game

So today I found something really fun :)
It's The Name Game
Courtesy of Jesslyn Amber

"A Crazy Beautiful Life"

The name means a lot to me. It sounds so simple. But it is what I think about my life.
My life is a little insane and off the wall. So much is going on and changing. There is always something going on. But with all the chaos that goes on, it makes my life beautiful to me. I'd never have it any other way. My life may get a little crazy, but I have friends who love me, family who is there for me, and a God who saves me from myself. I have way too much fun sometimes. And I always know how to keep it interesting. So to me my life is "crazy beautiful"

I named the blog "A Crazy Beautiful Life" because that's exactly what it's about. My Crazy Beautiful life. It's about all the trials and struggles I have. All the fun times and laughs I share. All of my thoughts, loves, opinions, and just everything in between. All the adventures I go on. All the new people I meet. And just everything and anything about me. I've always kept a journal, and I love writing and expressing myself.
This is just my own personal way of sharing it with the world. One blog post at a time.
And in some way I hope something I write means something to at least one other person. I hope it can help them through something or allow them to see a different perspective. Or just bring a smile or a laugh to them.
In any way possible I hope my blog touches just one person's life.