Monday, September 12, 2011


Well bloggers, I'm sad to say I did not go to the Clemson game this Saturday.

This past weekend was a bittersweet time for my family and I.

On Friday, when I was leaving work I got a text from my Aunt letting me know my Great Grandmother had passed. She was an amazing lady. One of the sweetest people I've ever met. She never had a complaint in the world. She always knew how to appreciate the simple things in life. And she was grateful for everything she ever had. Right down the the black dirt (she was a passionate gardner).

If I could live my life to be half of the wonderful woman she was, I'd be so blessed.

We had her visitation and her private funeral this past Sunday. It was such a blessing to see how many people loved her. I loved hearing all the stories of her throughout her life. She practically raised my mother and her two sisters. My aunt (who raised me) is the most amazing person I know, and I am so thankful for the part my Granny played in that.

It's always so sad to see someone you love go. But for our family it was somewhat bittersweet. We knew how strong her walk with God was. Her relationship with the Lord was always her first priority. She lived her entire life for him. In the last few years of her life she struggled with dimentia. Everyday, it only got worse. So in the last few days, we knew she could go at any moment. As sad, and as heartbreaking as it was to lose her, it is comforting to know she is with the angels now.

My granny loved to sing. So I firmly believe she joined God's choir and will forever be singing his praises. She has to be one of the most beautiful angels in heaven because she had one of the most pure, loving, compassionate, innocent hearts to ever walk this planet. Someone made a comment to my Aunt that God must have needed her talented green thumb to help make Heaven prettier :)

Granny, we love you and we miss you! We know you're up there making heaven an even more beautiful place with you're lovely smile, beautiful voice, and you're green thumb! Can't wait to see you again one day :)