Thursday, September 15, 2011

Twenty Somethings

So lately I've been having the "twenty something blues"
Ever heard of them?

It's that akward stage in your life where you and all of your friends seem to be on completely different pages.
Some are in college, others joing the workforce. Some move away. Some run off to get married and others have babies. Some join the military and others stay stagnant.

It's just a weird age. But it's supposed to be some of the most fun of your life. You learn so much and experience so much during these years. You completely change.

During your twenties, the moment you enter them, you're entire life changes.
Now some may not see it to be that drastic, but I DEFINITELY did.
The moment I turned 20, I could feel myself change. I just thought differently and saw things differently.
I shifted from being a carefree kid/teen and into what would become adulthood. I realized I could no longer just float through life, I had to do something. I had to become something and make someone of myself. I couldn't rely on my parents anymore to make my choices. I had to be a "big girl". From that moment on, I set goals for myself. I decided what I wanted, short term at least, and I did what it took to get there. And once I reached a goal, I formed another one.

Then all of a sudden, life shifted again. My mind set towards people changed too. All of the friends I had who were older than me, that I couldn't relate to, I suddenly found common ground with. And all of my younger friends I ended up drifting from a little bit. My lifestyle changed. I went from conversations about what was going on friday night and who dated who, to suddenly talking about furniture, work, and recipes.
Instead of going out all the time to parties, I have vino and movie nights, and go out to dinner. I don't stay up until odd hours of the morning and sleep all day. I have a BEDTIME. I haven't had one of those since I was a kid!

The more time goes on, the more life shifts around. More and more of my friends are getting engaged and married. Some are on the verge of having kids. Others are buying houses and moving out on their own. Many of my guy friends went off to the military. We're making the shift from restaurants and clothing stores, and moving into the corporate world. Real jobs. Bills are due. It's craziness.

Now I know I haven't been a "20 something" for very long but I feel like It's hitting me full swing. It's the transition years of my life. It's scary and exciting at the same time. I know the deeper I get into it the more it's going to change. And I'm ready for it. I'm ready to see what life has to throw at me. I somewhat have the "peter pan" syndrome because growing up is scary. The carefree life I was living before, where the hardest thing to deal with were the tests on fridays, the most drama I had was my high school bf showed up to the pep rally with another girl, and my parents paid all my bills, is gone. But this new "adult" thing is going to be a grand adventure.