Thursday, September 15, 2011

"It's not too late"

I've been holding off on this post for a few days.
I didn't want to post it until I had good news to report.

Remember in my Life Is Short post a few months ago?
Well in that post I mentioned my friend J having a life or death scare.
Crazy girl decided she wanted to have another one.

On September 11, 2011
J and her boyfriend, his dad and little brother (who is only 8)
decided they wanted to go out on the lake on a boat for some fun.
J and C have been together two years on this day.
Well C was driving and all was well until something unexpected happened.
He went to turn the boat when out of nowhere a wave came up and knocked the boat up sideways.
It threw J, C, and his dad out of the boat.
J and C's dad grabbed the side of the boat but C was nowhere to be found
The boat was turning in the water full throttle.
C's dad thought he heard the propeller hit C
J got freaked out and thought C was drowning
so being the little Hero she is, she let go of the boat to try to swin to get him.
The boat hit her and stunned her in the water.
Then the propeller came around and went all the way accross her back.
C's dad yelled for the little brother to turn off the boat and he did.
J started screaming "It hit me" and C swam over to her and pulled her back into the boat.
She lost a lot of blood and almost went into shock
(Inconsiderate people alert)
The engine flooded on the boat and the four of them were stranded on the lake for
before someone would finally stop to help them

J was rushed to the hospital were she found out
she had broken and fractured ribs,
a collapsed lung
and contusions on her spleen.
Not so great.

They immediately rushed her to CMC Trauma Center
and she was taken up to ICU.
They found that she had been bleeding internally and had blood and fluids in her lungs.
Which can cause pneumonia.

They automatically put a tube in her chect to drain all of the blood and fluids.
And she was put on strong medication and a lot of bed rest.
I got the words about her the next morning and rushed there immediately after work.

On Monday they kept a close watch over how much blood and fluids were coming out of her chest.
It was more then they wanted so they left the tube in her chest.
She had tons of visitors come in and visit with her.
I think this helped her most of all when it came to recovery.
It reassured her how much people love and care for her.

**The family, J, C, and I all appreciate all the prayers and visitors**
**It means the world to us but most of all J**

Tuesday, the doctors came in and let J know that they felt like most of the fluids were out
and they could probably get the tube out that day.
At 3 pm the tube came out and the bandages went on.
Poor girl, the bandages they had around the tube were also on all the gashes
so I know that was painful.
But J is a strong girl and we all knew she could handle it.
She's one of the strongest and bravest people I know.
Once again I rushed to be with her immediately after work.
That night they changed out bandages, which wasn't fun.
But she had C and I there to hold her hand.
And her amazing little sister had to help the nurse take off the bandages so they wouldn't hurt her.
I swear that was the most amazing thing.
E is an awesome sister for doing that because I know it wasn't easy.
Later that night they did a chest X-Ray to see the updates on her lungs.
Her lung still isn't back to full capacity and has some fluid left in it
but they said that was normal and that it should heal on its own.
But they kept her overnight again just to be on the safe side.
Praise God they didn't have to put the chest tube back in!

Early Wednesday morning they did a second chest X-Ray
and determined it was okay for her to go home!
She was home that day before I got off work.

I swear this girl is amazing.
She has been throughs so many things in her life.
But no matter what it is, she isn't scared of negative about any of it.
And through all of this chaos, she was more worried about everyone else than herself.
I mean the girl let go of the safety of the boat to find her boyfriend and make sure he was alright!
God is definitely on her side.
With all the prayers that went up, she was able to heal a lot faster than they were predicting.
All the love and support from others kept her strong.

So thank you
 to everyone who visited, sent flowers or food, everyone who prayed for her.
It is greatly appreciated
and I know it means so much to her.

And I'm glad to report
J is doing very well!
They put her on bed rest for the next three days.
She has been getting a lot of rest.
Her ribs should heal by themselves in the next six weeks.
And her lung will be back to normal in no time.

Praise God