Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Okay, In no way am I racist what so ever.

But when I call customer service, I want to speak to someone who understands english!!!!

Like really people? All I want to do is cancel my Roadside assistance on my car insurance because I don't use it. Simple right? WRONG.

First I call and have to push all kinds of buttons to get through the automated part. You know the
"press one for (blah) press two for (blah) press three for (blah) or for any other questions please stay on the line"
Then when I FINALLY get to talk to a real person, they have no clue what I'm saying. They transfer me all over God's creation to talk to even more people who have no idea what I'm saying.
"Ma'am can I confirm your phone number"
"6862-----? Is it an eleven digit number"

I seriously had to have her speak sssssssllllllloooooowwwwww for me to understand what it was she was saying. I mean I may have a slight southern accent but at least I talk slow haha!

After arguing with an automated lady, wearing out my key pad on my phone with button pressing, talking to everyone who answers phones in India, and having to straing my brain cells to try to learn a new language, I finally got what I needed accomplished and got the stupid thing cancelled.

Thank the LORD