Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thirsty Thursday

Well yall its "thirsty thursday"... not so much on my end. More like "Runningaroundlikeachickenwithmyheadcutoff Thursday"

Let's just say I have LOTS to do. And to top it off... I've already started being clumsy and dropping stuff. Ughhhhhh!! I dropped my make up powder all over my black skirt right before I got to work. Lovely. Then I kept dropping my phone, papers, almost dropped my coffee, coins, all kinds of stuff. And its not even 10 am yet. -Get it together Kristen-
Then when I get off work I have to take all of my old clothes to the consignment store or good will. I have to finish straightening up my room and clearing out all of my old stuff to get ready for packing. I have a mountain of dirty laundry I have to somehow get done. Pay bills. And somehow find time to eat and shower.

Ever have a day where you just want to put on some sweats, a hoodie, curl up on the couch and read?
Today would be one of those days for me. Mannnnnnn do I HATE cleaning!

Hopefully I can get through today and make it to lovely Friday :)