Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Haha only a select few of my lovelies will understand the title of this blog and will be laughing hysterically when they read it!

This weekend was absolutely hilarious. Very super eventful too I must add

but let me just say.... GO ARKANSAS haha
Clemson had a bi-week so a few good people came over and we watched the Carolina vs Arkansas game and then we watched LSU remain #1 in the nation and stay undefeated when they beat Alabama without ever even scoring a touch down. Talk about an interesting game!

Anyways my weekend can be summed up as this

-friends came home from out of town .... :)
A friend from a while ago was home this weekend and I got to spend some much needed time with him. LOVED IT
-reunited with my friend Ericka and im SO excited about it
She got married and ran off to Florida but shes back home now and I AM SO  FREAKING EXCITED lol
-made up a new "high five" rule
If you can make someone give you a high five five times in one night you get a kiss. LOVE this rule :) lol
-cooked a BANGING dinner friday night... go me :)
sauteed beef tips with peppers and mushrooms. Homemade mashed potatoes, and green beans... yum :)
-made new friends
I met a lot of new people this weekend and loved everyone of them :)
-I definitely smacked some guy in the face for being disrespectful to me ... once again... go me :) lol
lets just say I don't tolerate ignorance and he was being very rude and disrespectful to me, Ericka, and some other friends and I just got sick of it. So I slapped him and walked out. I don't usually feel like being physical is the answer but this guy really needed it and I just happened to be the one to finally do it.
-lots and lots and lots of wings and football!
need I say more?
-finally made our little house feel like a home :)
Alex and I have been in our little humble abode for a little over a week now and we FINALLY got everything unpacked and put away. Everything is decorated and finally has our personalities in it. We made it a home by having a few of some great friends over this weekend :)
-My little brother's birthday....

What did you do this weekend?