Monday, November 14, 2011

Chivalry ... Dead?

This past weekend, I was upset.
I'm a single woman and very proud of it.
I'm also completely content with it.

But that's not to say I'm completey closed off to the idea of dating someone.
Because I'm not.
I'm great at relationships!
I love being in love.

But to my disappointment...
Chivalry is dead.
Men do not take the initiative to ask a woman out anymore!
What ever happened to approaching a woman.
Having a conversation with her.
Asking for her number.
Calling her a little while later and asking her out on a date?

I mean really guys?
And shame on you ladies for letting it happen this way!
Because of Social Networking these days..
Guys are more into "instant messaging"
Or whatever cop out way of asking a girl out.
And nine times out of ten they don't even ask you on a date.
It's more of a "Do you wanna hang out?" kinda thing.

Really guys?
Call me old fashioned but I believe in the phone call.
I believe in dinner and a movie dates.
I believe in the guy coming to pick the girl up.
I believe in a man opening and holding doors.... yes even car doors.
I believe in actually having conversation and getting to know each other.
And I DEFINITELY don't kiss on the first date.

I asked a guy friend what was up with guys now a days.
And he said "guys are scared of being turned down"
So what?
If a woman tells you no it's not the end of the world.
And it's definitely not the only answer you're going to get from every woman.
It just means she isn't worth your time so move on.

My single girl friends and I are in aggreance (sp?)
If we find a man attractive
And he were to be brave enough to approach us
initiate a conversation
and ask for our number
9 times out of 10...
he's gonna get the number.

So guys

and ladies...
Don't be so rude when a man approaches  you.
Even if you're not interested,
be polite to him please.
Don't ruin it for the rest of us who might actually say yes.