Thursday, November 3, 2011

Share Your World Thursday

I found this absolutely lovely new link up on one of the greatest blogs Stilettos And A Fishing Pole.

Every thursday, there are a set of questions, just random things. It's supposed to help the readers get to know you (and also help the blogger with writers block.... which I tend to have a LOT these days!)

So here goes : )

1. Go back five years, would you have pictured your life as it is now or would it have been different?  If so, how or why?
Five years ago I would have been 16. (I know I'm a baby!)
But when I was sixteen, I dreamed of having this romantic love life. I dreamed that I would find my high school sweetheart and he would be the man of my dreams. We would get married at this elegant fairytale wedding and live happily ever after. I would be a stay at home mom, we'd be living in a gorgeous white house with a wrap around porch, like in the notebook, and all would be well with the world.
As you should know, my life is NOTHING like I pictured it back then. I'm not married. My high school sweetheart and I are no longer together. I don't have children. No fairytale wedding or a pretty white horse. Definitely no wrap around porch. I work everyday. But I'm perfectly happy with how my life has turned out. It's like I've always said "some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers"-Garth Brooks

2. In a perfect world with no attachments, my career would be...
I've always loved children. I have a passion for seeing the smiles on their faces when you interact with them and play with them. And I've always wanted to do something to better their lives. In a perfect world I would be a teacher in elementary school. But in reality college is ridiculously expensive and the need for new teachers is rare. But I love my job at the bank and I'm glad I ended up here :)

3. Name one thing you do {or don't do} that the world may think strange of you.
Haha it sounds funny, but I tend to match my clothes to my underwear! I know its random and maybe TMI but I'm just that OCD about coordinating : ) lol


Jessica Drew ♥ said...

OMG!!! I {used} to match my clothes to underwear also. Not so much anymore... due to the hubby not giving a rats BUTT about what was underneath. LAME!

Isn't it weird how we dream and end up somewhere different and are 110% perfectly okay with it.
The white horse, the fairytale, all the Ohhhs and Ahhhs... Look at Taylor Swift, she writes about it ALL the time and ... her love life, who knows? HA! They way I see it, we all have our fairytal if we are completely happy with ourselves and our lover.
I used to think a "home" was with a husband and kids, and this big wrap around porch, and a garden, and all the picture perfect bliss... well, NOW home is defined as wherever Aaron is. That's my fairytale.

Jessica Drew ♥ said...

PS - I want to know SO much more about you. Dont forget this Thursday, come back and join in again! :)