Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Life Has Changed

I am a bad person.
I know this.
I haven't posted in almost SEVEN months!
much has changed!
I've kept up with all of my favorites
but I've continued to make excuses for why I couldn't post any new blog updates.
Until now.

Since the start of the year I ended things with "Mr. (not so) Wonderful"
He turned out to be a complete jerk.
Not sure what changed except his attitude.

The sunday before Valentine's Day,
God laid it on my heart that I needed him and I needed to get back into church.
So I did.
Right before church let out, I looked to my left and laid eyes on the most beautiful man I had ever seen.
Everything in me was saying "you don't need this right now" but my heart told me "get your butt over there!"
And I'm sure glad I did :)
Since that lovely day we have been inseperable!
He is truly the one God put on this planet for me!

It has been a whirlwind romance to say the least!
On April 29th he got down on one knee and proposed!
Now I know most people think "shot gun wedding!"
But it's not like that at all.
We just felt like it was what God was calling us to do!
So we listened :)

We are now getting married on August 25th and I could not be more excited!
We wanted to wait until next year but we weren't sure when his sister would be in town from Texas
so we decided to go ahead and get married in August when she is going to be here.

Wedding planning is well under way and I have gotten a lot done!
Pictures soon to follow I promise!

Also in these last few months I have made a HUGE career change.
I went from working at the bank to working for the local phone/cable company.
It was a huge blessing to say the least!
I got a very nice pay raise and now I have the opportunity to go back to school!

I love my new job and my new coworkers and I know I'm here for the long haul.
But I do miss my bank  people!

Anyways, as far as my living situation goes,
I had to rid myself of the roommate.
I'm not going to bad mouth anyone here so we will just say it wasn't working out and it's for the best that she is gone.

That lovely man I mentioned earlier?
His name is Josh :)
Well Josh and I are in the works of (hopefully) purchasing our first home!
We have found our dream house with a decent amount of land in a great location.
And the best part?
It's perfectly in our price range!
Now all we need is to make sure the bank will give us the loan for what we need,
and hopefully the owners of the home will negotiate with us on the price so we will have enough to buy appliances!
Please, please, please pray for us!
We desperately need it!

Okay, I really do promise this time to get back to posting regularly.
I will have wedding updates and home buying updates!
And everything in between!

So be prepared!
This Beautiful Life is about to get even more Crazy :)