Friday, August 12, 2011


"Never gonna grow up. Never gonna slow down. We were shining like lighters in the dark in the middle of a rock show. We were doing it right. We were coming alive. We were caught up in a southern summer barefoot bluejean night" -Jake Owen (my life theme song)

So as you may know, not all of my posts will be all intelectual lol. Most of them will be about everyday life.

Anyways, as you all know Friday was my dad's birthday. It was actually a lot better than I expected. I stayed by myself for a little while but my lovely friend V knew I shouldn't be completely alone. So she came over to cheer me up. Then we went to White Horse and had a good time with some friends. Saturday we had a little retail therapy and then sang karaoke. Oh yes, it was hysterical! Sunday was my chill day. I stayed with my Dad's family and we all had a huge lunch and just spent time together.

Thursday, somehow I got super lucky and won tickets to the best concert of the summer. KE$HA and LMFAO. Exciting would be an understatement! Well of course me and the lovely V went together and had a very eventful night. First off let me say this, everyone knows to go to a KE$HA concert you absolutely MUST dress the part. And we did. We had bright neon colors, crazy make up, messy hair, way to high heels, sequins, feathers, and lets not foget the glitter EVERYWHERE. (and when I say everywhere I mean everywhere). Well as we set out on our lovely adventure we first had to stop for dinner at none other than Mickie D's! You should have seen the looks we got in there! Then we head to Pineville to ride the light rail into downtown Charlotte, may I say whoever thought to put that in Charlotte is a GENIUS. Anyways, once we stare at the map and our GPS and ask a few other passengers we finally figure out what stop we should get off on, or so we think. We arrive at Time Warner Cable Arena and walked all the way around it trying to figure out where to get in. Then after looking completely stupid, a lady comes over the intercom and informs us that the concert it actually at the ampitheater not the arena. Two places that are not close to each other.
So with our car comepletely across town and the concert not in walking distance, these two girls gave us a ride. We FINALLY get to the concert and it was in perfect timing! LMFAO went on stage right as we found our seats. The concert was amazing! It was like a huge dance party with glitter everywhere! I have never seen so much neon and spandex in my life. I had a blast. It was definitely the greatest concert I've been to in my life!

So today is Friday, thank goodness. You have absolutely no idea how excited I am about this weekend! No good reason really, I just have a good feeling about it :)
Saturday I'm doing habitat for humanity with the ladies from work, which I am really happy about. It won't be easy but it will make me feel good to know I did something in my community and helped out someone who needed me.

Oh and on a random side note, I am SO FREAKING EXCITED about college football this year! I'm hopefully going to get to go to some Clemson games (GO TIGERS) this year and I already have some super cute outfits planned for it! I ordered some super cute dresses off of Etsy from DollHouse and I am overly excited to get them in the mail! I'll post pictures when I finally get them :)