Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Bloggy Life

So in case you haven't noticed, my little blog here is somewhat plain. I mean it's cute but it's so very "standard" I guess you could so. In other words it's just not me at all. And while reading some of my favorite blogs BEAUtiful Mess and All In My Twenties, I have found that you're blog desing has to be anything but boring when it comes to having a successful blog. It has to completely resemble you seeing as how it is all about you.

So I took their advice and searched high and low trying to find a blog design that represented me, and of course was cute! And for a while none of the designs I found really stood out to me.

Then today, while reading God Grace and Grits, I can across something marvelous :)

I was in love! All of her designs are so beautiful and super affordable! You better believe I purchased one as soon as I could! She is fantastic! And she puts an "about me" part on there so you're not just buying stuff from a stranger. That was awesome because no other designers have done that that I've seen. I'm going to be working with her the next few days to get the final design and it will be coming to you soon :)

Stay Tuned and

Play Pretty <3