Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Happy Girls Are The Prettiest Girls"

Just a somewhat quick update :)
Date: November 9, 2011
My Initials: KES

Age: 21

Size: Medium/Average lol

Friday Nights: Cooking with the roomie and lots of lovely friends over :)

Hair Style: Medium (yay!!) and blonde!

Favorite place to dine out: Chilis (haha) or Nishie G's

Favorite Outfit: Skinny jeans, heels, and a super cute top :)

Love Life: Non existent as of right now lol. But I'm perfectly okay with it. I've made the decision that dating just to be dating is not what I want. I don't want a relationship unless its someone I can be serious with. Been on a few dates here and there but nothing serious....yet :)
Home Life: It's really great! Finally moved into my own place about two weeks ago with my absolute best friend. We've been super close since 7th grade and we've always talked about moving in together one day. I'm so glad we finally did it! I love our little house :) It definitely suits us. 

TV shows: Weirdly enough I'm loving DWTS haha. Other than that I don't really watch too much tv.

Extra time: Lately I've been spending most of my extra time organizing the new house and getting settled in. We've been having some friends over too so that's been great :)

What excites me: What's exciting right now is the fact that it's fall! I'm also loving the football season :) I'm really enjoying the fact that I'm learning how to cook! I'm really loving it :). I'm pretty excited about the holiday season coming up especially since I've got my own place to decorate! I'm excited that my church is getting a new Music Minister and apparently he's absolutely amazing! Now, I LOVE to sing. And I've always felt called to sing in the choir at church. But I wanted to wait until I found "the one". The church is go to is definitely where God wants me right now so who knows, maybe with this new Music Minister the choir thing will work out too! I'm also so happy that I can finally get back involved with the youth at my church. I quit helping for a little while just because I was gonig through some stuff. But the other sunday the new leader walked up to me and asked for my help. And it just felt like that was God's way of saying "GO BACK".

 A moment I never want to forget: The day I sat in Alex's living room and signed my lease :) I cannot imagine the overwhelming joy I felt when It hit me that I had my OWN place! A place that I made the rules. I was responsible for. I paid for. I've worked my whole life to get to this point. I finally have everything I want :) This year I became completely independent of my parents and became a full fledged adult and you cannot even believe how proud that makes me of myself! I'll never forget that moment that I signed that dotted line :)