Friday, December 2, 2011

Share Your World 12/1/2011

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1. Do you buy cheap or expensive toliet paper?
I'm with Jessica on this one.
Angel soft all the way :)
2. What are your top two pet peeves?
It would definitely have to be people smacking with something in their mouths.
It literally drives me insane. I can't take it!
Have some manners and realize no one wants to see what food looks like once it gets to your mouth.
Second peeve of mine has to be silverware scraping a surface.
Usually metal or a plate or something.
I want to claw my eyes out!
It is so obnoxious it makes my teeth hurt!
3. What's the name of your best friend & tell us her best trait.
My Best friend's name is Alex.
Don't get me wrong. I have a lot of bests
But she is the greatest.
She has been there for me through most of the hard points in my life.
She is there to support me and encourage it when I need it.
She's the only person who can tell when something is wrong with me before I even realize something is wrong.
She doesn't judge me or anything.
When I'm at a vulnerable moment she knows to let me be.
She knows when to say something and when silence is just what I need.
She can always make me laugh and knows the right words to say.
She is the only person I've ever met that can tolerate me and all of my quirkiness because Lord knows I am hard to handle.
I love that girl to death!
(which is why she's also my roommate)

4. Tell us one of your quirks? What's different about you?
One of my biggest quirks is definitely my OCD
because it's only for certain things.
Cleaning wise, I'm super OCD except when it comes to my car.
My car is absolutely the dirtiest thing ever.
And I'm not sure why I'm like that but I am.
Also the way I count money
(being that I work at the bank)
All of my money has to face the exact same way.
Right side up and the top of the head has to be to the right.
It's weird I know but I can't count money any other way.
I'm also OCD about how I put my clothes on.
It's absolutely hilarious.
underwear, then bra, undershirt/tank top, pants, top, shoes.
And my shoes have to go on from right then left.
otherwise I am completely out of wack for the rest of the day.
Also, I count things.
like how many steps I take.
Weirdo I know.
Like people joke around about being OCD.
I'm legitimately OCD though.

5. List three of your favorite songs.
Hotel California - The Eagles
Beautiful, Beauiful - Francesca Battistelli
House that built me - Miranda Lambert


Jessica Drew ♥ Stilettos & a fishing pole said...

Hotel California - LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

I too, have a dirty car & can't seem to EVER keep it clean. I don't understand it either. However, my sister always says it smells like a bakery. weird.