Thursday, December 1, 2011

Playing Catch Up

Wow!! Sorry it has taken me so long to catch up! So much has been going on  around here lately that its hard to find time to really get any blogging done!
Thanksgiving was amazing. I spent most of my time curling my little sisters hair which was so nice! I love having girly bonding time with her! Then my family and I ate WAY too much as I’m sure most people did. My uncle who thinks he is all knowing at strategic board games broke out the “connect four” and got his butt kicked not once, not twice, but SEVEN times by all of the grandkids. It was truly priceless! I have NEVER beat him so it was awesome when I finally did!
Made my whole night ;)

Anyways I finally got all of the stuff for my “How the glitz stole Christmas” partner and it is in the mail on its way to Texas now!
I’m so stinking excited for her to get what I got her! I put some thought into it and im so proud of myself J

Then this past weekend I spent some much needed R&R time in Hilton Head with my best friend and her family. It was fantastic!
We just hung out at the house and had a few glasses of wine and caught up on life.
Saturday we went shopping at Coligny Beach on the island and I got some super cute jewelry.
Then we went to a local bar/grill to watch the Clemson vs Carolina game. Let’s not talk about that.
Then we went to cheap seats for some drinks and catching up with some friends. All in all we had a great night!
The drive back home was pretty entertaining also. We saw literally 8 wrecks which is insanity!
People cannot drive I’m telling you!

Then this past week we’ve just been spending quiet nights at home doing more of like chore type stuff. Laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning. You know typical house stuff!

Oh and I finally got a gym membership. WHICH I NEED. Cameron Diaz body by April… let’s do this!
I got a personal trainer who is also a great friend, J, and we are going to meet at least once a week. We met or the first time last night, and let me tell you, homegirl kicked my booty!
But I am now on a strict no soda, no fast food, no sugar, no caffeine kind of diet.
And as we are calling it #operationgohard is in full swing!
At the end of it I’ll post before and after pictures so stay tuned for that. It should be entertaining.
I’m also going to keep a journal of the progress I have made which I will post at the end of it also.
Hopefully this will turn out amazing. J is such an inspirational person and I know she is going to put her all into helping me.

Have a good Thursday ladies J
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