Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Wowwwwww I have been so super slack lately!
Sorry about the NON updates on here!

Anyways, down to business.
First and foremost....


ohhhhhhhhhhh yeah.

Clemson dominated Virginia Tech
This past weekend

Since we came back from Hilton Head
Alex and I have been super busy around the house and with other things.
She now has a new man in her life and I am so freakin ecstatic for her!
He's such a sweet guy and he's so good to her!
They've been spending so much time together but it's great!

I have been super busy seeing as how I just recently got a new gym membership
at Omni Health And Fitness
Let me just tell you.
The new owner was so helpful working with me to figure out exactly what I needed.
And the trainers are wonderful!
They broke down the basics of excersize and fat and why you need lean muscle
and the importance of strength training and yadda yadda yadda.
It made so much sense to me!
And it motivated me even more.
They even showed me how to correctly do different excersizes and ways to mix it up and do "muscle confusion"
But I'm only meeting with them once a month.
My friend J who you all may remember from this post
and I meet once a week.
And let me just tell you home girl kicks my little booty!

Work has been somewhat different here lately
I temporarily moved over to a branch on the other side of town to help out due to them
being short handed until January.
It's been fine but "There's no place like home"
I miss my home branch!
I love my little ladies I work with and I definitely miss my customers!
Plus all the officers that come in everyday!
Buuuuuuut we wound up getting some extra help over at the other branch
and my home branch had a short in workers so they sent me back home for two days!
It feels so good to be back!
And not to mention how happy my coworkers were to have me back.. they missed me :)
And my customers missed me too!
It always makes you feel good for your customers faces to light up when they see  you!

Well ladies, let's just say love life is getting better :)
(for those that have followed along)
"Guy I'm interested in"
is no longer so interesting.
Nothing happened really we just kind of faded off and realized we're better off friends.
Well it's been a few weeks now since this happened and I haven't really been looking.
And that's when "Mr. hopefully Wonderful" happened :)
I don't want to post names or any background info just yet because I want to see where it goes
But girls, he took me out on a date to one of my favorite restaurants
and I literally have never connected so much with someone I just met!
He lives a little over an hour away from me so we can only spend time together on the weekends he has off
But we've been on the phone for hours every night and on skype every night before we go to bed.
So far so good :)
And we're hanging out ALL DAY
this saturday!
I'll keep yall updated on how this goes... but keep your fingers crossed!

Home life has been fantastic!
I seriously could not ask for a better roommate!
She's wonderful and she puts up with me and my OCD which is terrific!
We have a blast together.
Her mom is in town this week
(love that woman)
And she is helping us decorate for Christmas which I love!
She bought our Christmas tree for us!
It was adorable!
We all went together like a little family
Alex, Madre, D (her bf) and me.
to the Farmer's Market and got our little 7 ft. tree.
We're going to finish decorating everything tonight when I get home from the gym :)
I'll definitely post pictures later!

I think that's all for the updates for now.
I'll post more later if I think of any.
Happy Hump Day Pretties :)