Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Funny Funny :)

The "upsexy" trick
found here and here

bahahahahahahaha I die :)

So I tried it with my friend Ericka...

don't give me any grief... I'm not a cool kid with an iPhone so I can't do screen shot.
I'm a simple woman with a droid
So I have to type out the convo haha

Me: Have you ever smelled Upsexy?
Ericka: No. Who is it by?
Me: What?
Ericka: Isn't it a perfume?
Me: No? lol
Ericka: ohh haha well what is it?
Me: What is what?
Ericka: You asked me, "have you ever smelled upsexy?"
Me: Yeah what about it?
Ericka: hahaha ima kill you! What are you asking me? lol
Me: What are you asking ME?
Ericka: hahahaha we're idiots! What is upsexy?
Me: Nothing much you?
Ericka: OH. MY. GOSH. NO. YOU. DIDN'T. hahaha you're gonna die! But that is pretty funny!

love it :)
I'll let yall know if I try it on anyone else!


Selene and Theia said...

LOL so cute!! im definitely gonna try it :)

Check out my blog if you'd like :)